Cell Phone Radiation – Are You Concerned?

pokemon-1553977_1280I’ve written this post for two important reasons: 1) it’s a favour for a very dear friend of mine and; 2) this may help protect you and your loved ones.

Just before Christmas (2016) I was having a chat with an old friend, and the topic of a product that she markets came up. She’s known me long enough to know that I am somewhat sceptical when it comes to claims about everything under the sun causing cancer, rendering one sterile, or otherwise adversely affecting one’s health. That said, I’ve gone through some pretty tumultuous stuff, personally and professionally, over the last eighteen months or so. I’ve learned to be a bit more open-minded and accepting about a great many things, including health & wellness related matters.

I took a look at the product that she’s marketing, and at the science behind it. Unfortunately, the science isn’t conclusive one way or the other, as to whether or not cell phones cause cancer. Cell phone radiation causes cancer – I’m sure each of us has heard or read this at least once since whenever someone started saying it (has to be twenty years or more ago, it seems). Whatever. I still hold my mobile to my head for calls. When I use the speaker or a headset it’s generally to keep my hands free for other things (like driving – which is perhaps a greater phone related health risk) rather than out of concern for my health. I still carry my phone in my pants, in close proximity to my man parts (I’m done having kids so it’s not a big deal).

But what if there actually are health risks from cell phone radiation, electro-magnetic frequency (EMF), electro-magnetic radiation (EMR), and whatever else is emanating from our phones? I’m not going to try and convince you one way or the other. How can I when I’m not convinced? I’ll simply point you to a couple places for additional information and you can make up your own minds.

Lif3 Canada – this is the product / company my friend is doing the marketing for. Tons of info and, obviously, an easy way to buy the product.

Erica Ehm video – some high level info about the Lif3 Smartchip and EMR. Erica is the founder of the Yummy Mummy Club. She’s also a former Much Music VJ and I had a major crush on her way back when.

I’ll think about this whole thing some more, and debate whether or not to buy one of those chip things for my daughter’s phone. I’ll also be very interested to see what comes out of continued research on this topic. Not to sound too alarmist, but there was a time when smoking was okay, drinking during pregnancy was fine, and seatbelts were optional.

5 Comments on “Cell Phone Radiation – Are You Concerned?

  1. Chris,

    Of course you are concerned. You better be because you’re a parent. You will be concerned about your kids until you no longer take a breath. I’m a father of three adult children, still taking breaths and still concerned.

    Now comes the but. But in any of the documentation from the cell phone cancer folks do they state the following;
    -cell phone generates radiation of less than 0.001 kJ/mole
    -it takes around 480 kilojoules per mole (kJ/mole) to break a chemical bond (that’s why x-rays, gamma rays, UV rays are dangerous) inside cells
    -cell phone radiation output is 480K times weaker than UV rays

    It’s basic science. The photons in a cell phone are too weak to generate dangerous energy. So far this seems to take the same track as autism and vaccines. Debunked science by real science but some folks will cling to it anyway. As a parent I understand the emotion behind it since we are human (regardless of what teens think). No one wants to think an issue with a child is an issue that may be due to the mixing of DNA from two people (not withstanding the over exposure to proven dangers like x-rays). I love my kids but we did them no favors in combining our DNA. They are all 4F’s for military service for various reasons.

    Science proved that the shoe x-ray machines in department stores (late 40’s-early 50’s) were a bad thing and had to be pulled. You actually placed your feet in a machine which x-rayed your them for a better shoe fit. And there was an eye piece at the top so you could view it. You could stand there as long as you wanted. It didn’t take too long for radiation effects to show up at doctor’s and hospitals which was traced back to the machines. The same cannot be said for cell phones.

    The WHO and a few others who sort of hint, that there is a slight possibility, that maybe, in the infinite realm, a possible, etc., etc., etc. have take their lumps by the scientific community for ignoring the laws of physics. Making cell phones more powerful does not mean more energy, just more weak photons. Of course the WHO always looks for more research funds, so I can’t remember the last time they flat out stated, ‘no’ on something. Like breast implants which finally everyone had to admit there was no scientific evidence (to the point that the lawsuits had to stop) but companies, jobs, etc. were wrecked for years.

    If we could only be a little more like Vulcan’s when it comes to our emotions. I say this as I’m reminding my 29 year old to be careful driving in the snow. Sigh.

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  2. Thanks, Randy.

    Yes, as a parent I’ll always be concerned about my kids, especially my oldest son (21 going on 14).

    If you’ve got any links that would be relevant, I’m happy to update the post and include them.


  3. Ha – smoking after drinking while pregnant and driving was ok.

    I mostly use an earbud, but then there’s talk about Bluetooth, so I’m not sure it helps. Then again, I don’t talk on the phone much.

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