CIP No More – Meh

No CIPBefore you read the rest of this post, I’ll ask that you read this post about how and why I finally obtained AIIM’s Certified Information Professional certification.

When AIIM made the “exciting” announcement about the demise of the CIP (read it here) I was a tad irked. Though I had no stake in putting the CIP thing together, I did think that it was the beginning of a really good thing. The CIP was going to be to Information Management Professionals what the PMP is to Project Managers and the CBAP was intended to become to Business Analysts. It ought to have been on the path to being the certification obtained from understanding and being able to apply a body of knowledge about how to manage information so that organizations could perform better and minimize information related risks. Given time to mature, the CIP could have become the standard against which all of us who consider ourselves Information Professionals would be measured.

But, boys and girls, that ain’t gonna happen. AIIM has pulled the plug and the CIP is D-E-A-D, dead. AIIM had their reasons to kill the CIP, which I won’t go into here. What I do want to get into a bit here is the compensation offered by AIIM, for me losing my CIP certification.

Though I haven’t yet received my official “Merry Christmas You’re No Longer a CIP” letter, I do know about it, and I do know that I get to choose one of three AIIM Master Certifications to replace the CIP. I can elect to become and AIIM ECM Master (done it, earned it), ERM Master (done it, earned it) or a BPM Master (haven’t earned it). Of the three master certificates being offered the ECM Master is, in my opinion, the most valuable. It’s not valuable because having ECMm after your name gets you a higher salary or a better job; it’s valuable because of what you need to do to get it. You need to attend a course, write an exam, and write a case study. The exam and case study are for all intents and purposes a regurgitation of the course materials. The attendance with other real life people, however, is the real value and the real learning. The same goes for the ERMm and, I assume, the BPMm.

So AIIM, you wanna give me a XXXm thing for taking away my CIP? Keep it. I don’t want the certification, I don’t need the certification. What I want from obtaining the certification is what I learn from being there and experiencing the process. To be honest, even having the CIP didn’t mean that much to me. The CIP represented the potential future of the Information Professional; that, AIIM, is what you’ve jeopardized.

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