5 Thoughts – Mixed Bag for Aug 23 to Aug 29

duck-416972_1280Based on the response to my two previous “5 Thoughts” type posts, I’m taking a shot at doing this on a weekly basis. Depending on what strikes me during the week I’ll either post five thoughts on a single theme or, like this week, chuck up a mixed bag. I’d love to get your thoughts / feedback.

  1. Reading this Financial Times interview with Aaron Levie it struck me that the speed of change to what he and others see as the obvious future is not being helped by procurement processes and buying cycles that haven’t markedly changed in decades.
  2. I’m working with a partner, responding to an RFP for a new project at an existing client. Their rules state that any capital projects must be in production by the end of the calendar year in order for them to recoup costs the following year. The original RFP deadline was August 14th, the new deadline is September 8th. The scope and in-production cut-off haven’t changed. I’m considering asking them to delay December 31st by two months.
  3. Based on some of the comments I’ve received on that Innovation-Transformation-Metadata post I wrote last week, too many people are stuck in a 1990’s mental model of managing content. Whatever, we’ll progress whether you like it or not.
  4. Thinking about wearables, the Internet of Things, and last season’s NHL All Star Game it struck me that putting sensors into players’ helmets to measure impact from falls and checks would be a good thing to help with managing/preventing brain injuries. Probably a good idea for the NFL, too.
  5. Stop looking for a big bang. Start with small “i” innovation, prove it out, get the big “I” innovation later. Just start.

7 Comments on “5 Thoughts – Mixed Bag for Aug 23 to Aug 29

  1. I recently participated in a workshop on security, presenting the view from a small company. The fact that “business” hasn’t kept pace with technological change is a big challenge. Buying, licensing, budgeting, all have to change.


  2. Virginia Tech uses sensors in their football players’ helmets to monitor impact during practice – not sure if they use them during games. The NFL continues to refuse to do so or mandate that all players use helmets that are shown to decrease concussion frequency — they continue to allow players to choose the helmet they wear. This is why, as a Saints fan, that entire PR move called Bountygate and all the league blather about player safety just rings hollow. Bastards. Still bitter. Anyway.


    • Really good post, Randy.

      There’s certainly stuff to think about. However, even with the paper-centric concept of MS Office, there’s still so much more that can be done to better leverage the value of information. Gotta start somewhere.


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