Jeetu Patel Joins Box – 5 Things I Like About This

Jeetu_Patel_color_1His intentional, horrible pun 🙂 aside, Jeetu Patel joining Box is a major big deal for the following reasons:

  1. Any time you can scoop a competitor’s senior executive away, you’re doing something right. Patel is a veteran in the content management, collaboration, and social spaces and understands them really well and knows how to succeed in those spaces. Will Wall Street understand the potential impact of Patel’s move?
  2. Jeetu Patel has major ECM and information governance chops. I’d be seriously shocked if he’s not going to imbue some of that background and thinking into Box.
  3. He just gets that it’s all about content as a service and apps on top.
  4. He’s seen the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to managing and collaborating on content. My feeling is that he’ll be really good a finding that elusive balance between control and usability.
  5. Jeetu’s hiring is another justification for what I’ve been saying for ages; EFSS must die and the right vendors, Box among them, are going to be the new generation of ECM.

6 Comments on “Jeetu Patel Joins Box – 5 Things I Like About This

  1. Interesting – dont disagree with any of your comments, but the last one threw me ! Box as the next generation of (cloud) ECM ? Is that where ECM stands for Elongated Circumference Mongers ? Would you perhaps like to expand on this thought for us ?


    • 😎 Hey, if Cheryl McKinnon and her Forrester buddies can include Box in their ECM Wave, I can preempt them and say Box and other EFSS vendors can be the next generation of ECM (Enterprise Content Management) platforms.

      Ya gotta read the paper I wrote (link is in the Jeetu post).


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