Ah Linked, Are You Worth It?

LinkedIn_logo_initialsSo the bright sparks at Linkedin thought it would be a good idea to no longer let me export my contacts.  Read that again – MY CONTACTS – not theirs. So that got me thinking about the value of Linkedin to me. Note that I am not paying for Linkedin other than with my data and privacy.

Update – it appears enough LI users objected and we can once again export contacts, for now.

My Profile

Apparently my profile strength is at All-Star level; that’s pretty cool. Know what’d be even cooler? Being able to prevent anonymous profile views. Hey, the way I figure it is if you’re gonna check me out at least have the stones and courtesy to let me check you out as well. Granted this may not entirely be LI’s fault, but you’d think that after this long they’d figure out that some of their users don’t want to be viewed anonymously, and allow us to set our profiles accordingly.


Mostly fluff or pitches. Very little of what I see on LI Pulse is worth my time. LI told us it was a content platform. Yeah right.


Thanks to all who’ve never met me or worked with me for all those endorsements for a bunch of skills I don’t even have. Yup, I could go and delete stuff, but it’s not worth the effort.


Oh yeah, get found for that ideal job. It’d help tremendously if recruiters actually read my profile. I took the time to put it together, including links to my resume (which is mostly up to date); the least you could do is read it. In the years I’ve been using LI I’ve been approached a lot by recruiters. From all of those approaches I think maybe three have been relevant.

I saw this on twitter today (July, 31, 2015). Draw your own conclusions. I’m fully expecting to see stuff from deposed African princes any day now. And yeah, I have no objection to naming and shaming when it’s deserved.

LI Stupidity

Groups & Discussions

More pitches than real discussions. Twice I had someone pitch their products/services in response to discussions I had started. Not cool.


I’ve got more than 700 connections, and a cull is overdue. It seems that most connection requests I’ve been getting lately have been from scammers or people that want to connect for no other reason than to increase the size of their network. Uh, not gonna happen. I use a handy, dandy flowchart to help me decide whether or not to accept a connection request.

LI Connection Request

LI Connection Request Workflow

Here’s an example of a good connection request:

Best connection request ever

Best connection request ever


The value I get from LI comes from the ability to check out people I’m potentially going to be working with. That’s useful to me and I am hesitant to give it up because it may expose me as a hypocrite. See, when I look someone up and they’re not on Linkedin, I immediately react negatively towards them. Hey, it’s harsh and unfair, but that’s the age we live in today. LI is also an easy way for me to promote content, via Pulse and the groups I belong to.

I’m still not certain how long I’ll stick with Linkedin. Will I no longer be “legitimate” if I kill my account? I don’t know. And I’m not sure if it’s a risk I’m willing to take right now. It comes down to deciding whether the value I gain is enough to offset the nuisance that LI has become. Surely I’m not the only one thinking about this.

8 Comments on “Ah Linked, Are You Worth It?

  1. You surely are not. If they’d nuke the anonymous views I’ll probably hang as I pretty much ignore all the other felderkarb. I’m looking for the right phrase, term, but find it hilarious when you meet somebody at a conference, talk to somebody on the phone, have an initial e-mail exchange then the next think you know – ba-da-bing! – they’re checking our your profile on LinkedIn.


  2. great point Chris hope you are well we are on holidays for a couple of weeks but maybe we can ‘link’ up mid-late August

    take good care c

    o. 780.702.5022 x.108 c. 780.982.5654 http://www.arcbus.com


  3. LinkedIn fell off the cliff of irrelevance for me when they started the endorsements. Between that and the scammy ways they try to get me to give up my contacts, it’s clear that the only purpose of LinkedIn is to inflate LinkedIn. I will probably stay there because it helps me keep in touch with people who are LI-centric. Hmm, that’s the same reason I stay on Facebook. I think the only service I actually like is Twitter.


  4. Nothing to add, quite sound and convincing conclusion, completely meets my experience. Today within business, you can’t live without LinkedIn … but yes.


  5. Chris,

    Your examples is why I cannot bring myself to upgrade to ‘pro’ mode. The site has certainly lost its way from the early days. Agree, that the numb-nuts who want to connect for the sake of it or sell me stuff certainly do not read profiles. Your chart should be the official operating standard that hovers in the corner and opens every time you want to send a connect invite.


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