ECM Adoption Issues? Make it Easy.

This is not an endorsement of any particular tool / technology. It’s the concept that’s important.

This way?


Or this way?


You decide.

2 Comments on “ECM Adoption Issues? Make it Easy.

  1. The interface is the least of it.

    People don’t want to share! If you can plod through your day slapping things together for your own use and nobody’s checking that the material is complete, well-written, and sources are properly referenced, then what’s the motivation to do any of that, let alone share? One coworker, when I asked him to put some of his work in an ECM so others could use it, declined – because he didn’t want to be bothered answering questions that might come up about the material. Many others may not have expressed this out loud, but their behavior was the same.


    • There are lots of reasons people don’t want their work shared or exposed. However, those people need to realize that their work is not theirs, it belongs to the organizations they work for. A change in culture and information management strategies/priorities needs to take place.

      In organizations that have a culture that is conducive to information sharing, a UI that adds extra burden to the contributors can kill adoption of the system. A good UI can certainly help increase adoption. Of course you also need to include change management, training, and a host of other elements to ensure that the information management program is a success.


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